1506 Museum Dessau

The north-eastern part of the plot is acknowledged as a central urban location and thus left untouched. Hence this new public space is capable of receiving visitors from all sides, paying tribute to the axes of "Antoinettenstrasse-Ratsgasse" and allows for the park to be visible from the streets. The huge exhibition floor rests on top of a small glass pavilion and offers a prominent edge towards Kavalierstrasse thus recalling the historic past of the site. This floating volume becomes the roof of the new plaza underneath and amplifies its presence. The plaza and the building consciously place themselves along the other grand volumes of the inner city of Dessau. Resembling a huge studio, the exhibtion area is placed on one floor and is accessed by three points, which offers great curatorial flexibility. A system of dividing walls relates to the grid of the ceiling, hosting all the lighting elements.