1318 Rietacher

The initial concept is derived from the existing park like scenery. Like scattered stones, the non-orthogonal buildings gather around a central place. The group of buildings consists of a single family house, double single family houses and multi-family houses. The irregular shaped buildings provide a huge variation of visual angels and perspectives. The composition of the buildings allow for the landscape to remain "open" throughout the whole settlement. Mirrored floorplans and ever changing perspectives avoid repetitive effects. Building biology and ecology were central aspects in the planning process and choice of material. All bedrooms have been shielded from earth rays and the settlement has been awarded with the certified labels "GI" (good indoor climate) and "Minergie" (Swiss registered quality label for new and refurbished low-energy-consumption buildings).

Rietacher 09 2400X1600
Rietacher 10 2400X1600