1106 School St.Gallen

Schulhaus Riethuesli 01 2400X1266

The plot lies on a prominent edge of an elevated terrain in the midst of the city forming an urban fracture between the Teufener-Street and the school area. The aim of the design is to give the school facility a mediating role between those two urban areas. Hence a grand stair overcomes the hill und leads to a single storey building that connects the school, the kindergarden and the sportshall. The sportshall being the most public building faces the Teuefener Street and sets a prominent urban landmark. The school is opening up towards the south area and its green surrounding. The compact buildings have a great volume-surface-ratio regarding the Minergie P Label (Swiss registered quality label for new and refurbished lowest-energy-consumption buildings). Non load-bearing dividing walls and the facades’ grid allow for maximum flexibility for future change of use. Hot water production is supported by solar energy, all rooms are equipped with a draught-free ventilation system.