0411 School Sennhof

The school is situated next to the shore, between the river Töss and the Tösstal Street in Sennhof, Winterthur. The compact volume with its sandy coloured and glimmer charged plaster seems to have grown out of the river-bed. The main entrance is oriented towards the old school. A unitary pavement on the street and forecourt connects the old and the new school. The circulation area is located between the two entrances and allows for a public and independent use of the schools sportshall and singing hall. All school rooms are turned away from the noisy Tösstal Street towards the river Töss. Above the sportshall, a small volume is carved out providing space for school breaks, performing of plays and public events.

The precise and "perforated" facade along the side of the river and the heating station recalls the industrial past of the Tösstal. The transparent facade oriented towards the village Sennhof invites for public use. The project was realised in partnership with Architektur Hürzeler AG, Erlenbach.

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