1010 Ueberland

In the North, the plot is bordering on the heavily run highway and to the open landscape of the airport of Dübendorf. In the South, the plot lies adjacent to a green settlement with little industry and noise nuisance. Its settlement is of rather small scale and appears random.

The settlement area “Gfenn” is clearly bordered by the highway in the North. An elongated building structure emphasizes that situation and forms a clearly defined edge for the settlement. A second volume set aside south of it makes use of the triangular-shaped plot and leads over to the rather small scale buildings nearby and structures the exterior through its accurately definded settlement. The concentration of the building mass into two volumes of three floors each, allows for grand continuous exterior spaces. The elongated building structure protects itself and the adjacent areas from noise nuisance. The competition was developed together with Halter Generalunternehmungen.