1901 Meisenweg

The plot is located on the edge of the settlement with transition to agricultural green areas, isolated industrial facilities and highways. The compact volume of the house appears closed to the street. The asymmetrical gable roof acts as a borrowing from the traditional residential houses in the immediate vicinity.

Upon entering, the spatial guiding figure of the house reveals itself. At the heart of the introverted building, focused on family life, is a landscaped courtyard. The courtyard creates a clear spatial hierarchy while framing sections of sky and earth where landscape and architecture combine. On the first floor, living, cooking, dining and Arvenstube gather around the courtyard in a circumferential room continuum. The courtyard and two air spaces create a rhythmic division of the interior of the house and allow for a variety of visual relationships.

Deliberately placed openings let the morning sun into the dining area and the evening sun into the living area. A circumferential corridor on the upper floor provides access to the bedrooms and the guest area. At different times of the year, the glass surfaces of the courtyard provide a view of the crown of the fan maple tree with its yellow-reddish autumn color.