1710 Hotel Glattbrugg

The Grand Hotel Locarno has an outstanding position in the city, both due to its location and its historical significance. Embedded in a generous park with old trees, its slightly elevated position affords a good view over the city and the lake.

Since its construction in the late 19th century, the hotel building has undergone various construction phases. Today, the building has been empty for more than a decade and is threatened by decay. Together with Innoinvest AG, Urben Seyboth is developing an architectural concept for the renovation and expansion of the time-honored complex. The goal is to restore the Grand Hotel to its former glory and to create a new spatial offer while taking into account and preserving the challenges of historic preservation.

The complex is to be subtly extended in the base area and connect even better with the park here. An additional floor will be added to the main building on the roof. The new volume is intended to make a conscious statement about the redevelopment and the new era of the building.