1901 Meisenweg

The perimeter is located at the transition between the fine-grained neighborhood structure, which is characterized by residential uses, and the large-scale built-up working zones to the east. From an urban planning point of view, the area has a hinge function - it forms the entrance to the city from the industrial area.

In the midst of this dynamic industrial and residential quarter on the edge of the city of Biel, a residential quarter characterized by diverse residential typologies and high-quality architecture is to be created. In interaction with the green lung and the busy Langfeldstrasse, intelligently designed apartments are to be created. The aim is to create an atmosphere that is as homely and intimate as it is to clearly position the housing in relation to the adjacent public space. With the change of use from a purely commercial use to a development with as high a residential share as possible, a place with great identification potential and very good quality of stay is to be created.

In order to characterize the new quarter, different types of use and housing typologies are also to be created. A natural social mix is thus to be promoted, whereby all age groups can be addressed as future residents. First floors are to be supplemented with commercial and public uses. In order to strengthen the site and preserve its historical significance, the reuse of certain elements and building components should also be explored.

Together with the construction of the first buildings, the publicly accessible park area inside the site is to be created. The park is to be designed in an attractive and versatile manner and will serve not only as a recreational area for the residents within the development, but also for the wider public and should therefore remain accessible.