2205 Adliswil

In the leafy neighbourhood, the new settlement figure with five point buildings allows for spatial permeability and at the same time defines concise outdoor spaces appropriate to the location. The five buildings on the west plot have a slender appearance and are lined up with playful projections and recesses on Bernhofstrasse. Together with the buildings in the east section, they mark out a clearly recognisable street space. Along the buildings, the newly designed Bernhofstrasse widens out again and again, forming squares and niches. The entrances to the individual buildings are clearly recognisable here.

The open space design ties in with the area surrounding the site and continues existing structures to form a whole. The building layouts divide the outdoor spaces into four typologies with different qualities. Bernhofstrasse forms the backbone and centre of the development as a play street with square-like extensions. This is where the entrances to the individual buildings and the underground car park are located, as well as bicycle and outdoor parking spaces. Tall trees structure the play street, which is designed as a meeting zone, and generate areas for flexible play and leisure activities for the neighbourhood. Clearly defined between the buildings is a layer of private outdoor gardens connected to the park and the respective stairwells. The green park stretches out between the western slope and the gardens.