2301 Paradis

The old, striking lime tree on the hill of the property forms the centre of the complex. The pavilion-like buildings on the upper level are grouped around it. The Rebhüsli is integrated into the new ensemble - together with it, a piazza with a high quality of stay is created in the heart of the complex.

The arrangement of the three pavilions on the hilltop allows excellent sunlight and at the same time an optimal view of Kempraten Bay.

Loose rows of trees and bushes are planned along the street and towards the side neighbours. The façade is rather closed off from the street side. The large openings mainly face south towards the lake. This ensures maximum privacy.

The architectural expression and its materialisation are reflected in the theme of "two worlds". The ground floor is characterised by wide, solid walls of bush-hammered concrete. Here, the building interlocks with its immediate surroundings as a kind of landscape object. The various volumes of the ground floor are deliberately hidden under the terrain so that the actual building appears as little as possible. The new volumes of the ground floor extend the existing hill and enlarge the existing plateau around the old lime tree.

The individual pavilion buildings are now placed on this plateau as slender wooden constructions. The buildings seem to float slightly above the ground. The wooden façades made of larch have a much higher degree of opening. Here, the interplay with the expanse of Kempraten Bay is intended to convey the impression of lightness, light and air.